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New tool from Pharus. Examples.
INT3D System version 2.2
Villa Savoye
INT3D System is a terrific tool for creating virtual interactive 3D scenes: it includes an on-line visual 3D editor plus a library of high quality 3D models and textures.

With INT3D System is possible:
   to create virtual enviroments such as rooms, flats, houses, city landscapes.
   to place and move pictures, web-links, interactive furniture from different companies as well as many different versions.
   to place and move external elements (3D objects, billboards, audio, video, GIF animation, slides show).
   to choose and verify in real time the most suitable materials and range of colours.
   to walk through the created 3D scene interacting with it.
   to save created 3D scenes to a local computer for viewing in offline mode and publishing on Internet.
   to present created 3D scenes through systems for active stereographic visualisation (3D with glasses).

Pharus announces the issue of Vitruvian Studio 1.5, a next generation tool in the field of Realtime Web 3D applied to the Architecture.

INT3D Technology application, examples:
Febal Cucine
Interactive Virtual Kitchen: five high quality Realtime Web 3D scenes. Optimized for Cortona viewer (Parallegraphics).
Fiera di Pesaro
Web site where you can walk through the 36.000 square meters interactive 3D scenes of the six pavilions compoting the Exhibition of Pesaro.
INT3D enviroments are used in psicotherapy for the clinical treatment of some phobias through the virtual reality.
INT3D Scenes complement with efficacy the recent development of innovative 3D aerial mapping, navigable online in real time (WebGis).
Pesaro 3D Multi-Chat
Multi-chat 3D with Avatars.
Online interactive 3D showroom.
Department of Architecture, United Arab Emirates University
INT3D enviroments are used as examples for CAVE applications in architectural education.
New 3D models
3D models We have added many new 3D models to the system: both furniture models and base "building" elements.
Our virtual catalogue of interactive 3D furniture now contains:
Chairs, Tables, Sofas, Beds, Systems, Kitchens, Utensils, Domestic appliances, Sanitary Ware, Carpets, Lamps and House plants.
All these high quality VRML furniture models are precise and accurate reproductions of real home furniture from some of the best companies.
New 3D scenes
3D STAND - Virtual Exhibition
Example of real time web 3D virtual exhibition (different 3D scenes linked to each other) where you can interact with real home furniture.
Made with INT3D System.
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