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LOW COST VIRTUAL REALITY: Finally, an affordable hardware tool which has a strong impact on the public, based on an innovative patent in the field of 3D design.
3D scenes and models can be presented effectively using an innovative system for active stereographic visualisation (3D with glasses), patented by an Italian company who we are honoured to have as a partner. It works with the aid of two shared LCD projectors and can be used to display static or moving images by synchronising the outgoing image with the glasses being worn by the spectators. It is also possible to project images onto large screens in front of many people who will all be wearing the glasses at the same time.

There are many different fields of application, from presentations at exhibitions for companies wishing to demonstrate their products in a realistic manner without actually having them at the stand and thereby making it a memorable event for the public, to simulations for the companies wishing to use the extremely realistic effects in order to find out more before creating the products they are designing. This technique can also be used in architecture studio as a plastic substitute to demonstrate the actual design, either at the sales offices of construction companies or at modular furniture dealerships.

The cost of the system is extremely contained, and much lower than the cost of other systems available on the market and is therefore much more accessible.

This low cost equipment is not just for sale: it may also be rented to companies wishing to demonstrate their own products at exhibitions. In fact, this tool even makes it possible to display 3D objects and interact with them as if they were right in front of the user (this is even possible on enormous screens). Scenes, objects, moving machinery, operational diagrams and anything else which is required can be displayed, while information and navigation menus are also provided. This has proved useful for work-orientated meetings, conferences, training, etc.

For further information please write to support@int3d.com

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