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Tools for Real Time Web 3D, made by Pharus di Giovanni Dragone:

INT3D System - online visual 3D editor specialized on creation of high-quality interactive 3D scenes in the VRML format having extremely small sizes and ideally suitable for publication in the Internet. To begin working with INT3D System it is enough to have installed one of vrml-clients recommended by us. (INT3D System is the online tool and does not require downloading from our site any additional programs.)
Pharus 3D Builder - offline visual 3D editor based on the INT3D System having the same functions and features: high quality and small sizes of created 3D scenes. With the Pharus 3D Builder it is possible to work without connection to the Internet. (Now the working beta version of the Builder is available for free downloading).
INT3D Library - library of 3D models and textures. Necessary tool for publishing any 3D scene created in the INT3D System and the Pharus 3D Builder on own Internet-site. It could be also used for offline viewing the scenes created online in the INT3D System.
Vitruvian Studio 1.0 - professional and easy to use tool that allows non-animation experts to run and manage the vrml generated by ArchiCADŽ (GraphisoftŠ) to achieve real time 3D scenes and interactive walk-throughs within minutes. It is made up of an optimizer + editor + viewer.

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