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Pharus 3D Builder

Pharus 3D Builder is a visual 3D editor specialized on creation high-quality interactive 3D scenes in the VRML format having extremely small sizes and ideally suitable for publication in the Internet.

Now the working beta version of the Builder is available for free downloading:

Pharus 3D Builder (v.0.8 beta)

There are two versions of the Pharus 3D Builder: english and italian.

The Builder is available as a zip-archive (1.95 Mb).

To start work with the Pharus 3D Builder you should:
   - download and install one of vrml-clients recommended by us;
   - download and unzip the Pharus 3D Builder's archive;
   - start the file pharus3d.htm from PHARUS3D folder.


The Pharus 3D Builder - the first 3D editor completely written on the VRML and for its work it is necessary to download and install one of vrml-clients recommended by us.
(If you already have any vrml-client, then check up its version.)

In the Pharus 3D Builder are used the the same components of the INT3D System:
Scenes created in the INT3D System can be edited in the Pharus 3D Builder and vice versa.

With Pharus 3D Builder it is possible:
   - to create virtual ambiences such as rooms, flats, houses.
   - to place and move interactive furniture from different companies as well as many different versions.
   - to verify and choose the most suitable materials and range of colours.
   - to walk through the created 3D scene interacting with it (it allows the use of 3D stereo-glasses).
   - to save created 3D scenes for viewing and publishing on Internet.

Pharus 3D Builder is also very simple to use.

Pharus 3D Builder is realized within the framework of language VRML in which there are no standard operations for recording files, and abilities of files reading are very limited too. For this reason the operations for loading and saving the scenes are realized in a not-conventional and a little bit complex way, but as shows our experience it is possible to get used these program features easily.

The Builder includes short "help" about its using.

For publishing 3D scenes created with Pharus 3D Builder on the Internet INT3D Library must be used.
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