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INT3D Library

INT3D Library is a library of 3D models and textures providing an opportunity of the publication 3D scenes created in the INT3D System and the Pharus 3D Builder on own Internet-site. (Also it is necessary for offline viewing of scenes created in the INT3D System).

Now available for free downloading:

INT3D Library (v.1.02)

The Library is available as a zip-archive (1.32 Mb).

INT3D Library includes: 3D models - 148 files, Textures - 265 files.

To use the Library you should unzip the Library's archive after downloading and put the folder with INT3D Library into the same website directory as files of 3D scenes created with the INT3D System or the Pharus 3D Builder.

Publish INT3D Scenes on Internet is free of charge for noncommercial personal purposes : you may use the INT3D Library for publishing interactive 3D Scenes created with any INT3D System's tool on your own personal non-commercial websites (on condition that publisher arrange within such website a link to www.int3d.com.) provided that they are used for viewing purposes only. Are included : Educational and Student Web Sites, Architects and Decorators Personal Web Sites (without any commercial banners or ads).

The INT3D Library may be used in commercial or istitutional websites for publishing 3D scenes created through the INT3D System's tools only by purchasing a Commercial Usage License from Pharus di Giovanni Dragone for one-time charge of 290 Euro per website. For more information contact us at: sales@int3d.com

Warning, the INT3D Library is unfit for using with any other 3D editors (besides INT3D System and Pharus 3D Builder). Changing format of these models (f.e. to 3D Max format) is not admitted and for most of them is not possible, as they are made with scripts.

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