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VRML-viewer (vrml-client)


To view or edit 3D Scenes you must install VRML-viewer (vrml-client).
Many VRML-clients available for free downloading from Internet.

We recommend Contact, Cortona, CosmoPlayer:

blaxxun Contact (Version 5.103 or above) - by blaxxun interactive.
It's a modern VRML-client with many advanced abilities:
- excellent quality of viewing;
- improved cache settings;
- some unique features (as multi-user 3D chat).

Contact grants great performances in terms of viewing's speed. It is very popular vrml-client, but sometimes some unessential little problems are possible: mismatch of textures mapping for some elements; some difficulties with LocalLights elements using.
Important! With blaxxun Contact in some particular configurations of computers, INT3D-editor might not load the saved 3D scenes. In this case use another vrml-clients (CosmoPlayer or Cortona).
      Excellent both for viewing and editing.

Cortona (Version 3.1 or above) - by ParallelGraphics.
It's a modern VRML-client with many advanced abilities:
- very small size for downloading;
- excellent quality of viewing;
- there are versions of Cortona for Windows, Mac, OS X and Windows CE;
- possibility of use with 3D stereo-glasses;
- excellent support services (with a special forum for questions).

Cortona is a stable and error-free vrml-client, but less performing in some operations of editing and saving. (F.e. unloading complex scenes from memory can take some minutes, some seconds for the others clients).
      Excellent for 3D scenes viewing.
      Good for editing small scenes.

Cosmoplayer at this time is no longer supported, but we advice to try it anyway, because it requires less from your hardware, granting higher performances in terms of animated viewing and editing's operation.
Also it has a very convenient interface: using the three button of the mouse you can manage any kind of movement and animation in the scene.
Advised for slow computers w/o 3D-acceleration, but also for powerful modern computers for editing big complex scenes best.
      Excellent for viewing and best for editing complex scenes.

All these VRML-clients are very different.
Our advice is: if you are planing a serious use of the INT3D System to try both these VRML-clients and choose the most useful for you.

Setup vrml-viewer

Whatever VRML-viewer you choose, you need to setup correctly for good working stages and good performances. You can find all the VRML-clients' data on their own "Help" page.
Here are some general directions for use:
   1) Usually the default "rendering mode" is "Software Rendering", which does not use the 3D accelerator possibilities. This means slowing down animated viewing. We advise selecting the "Hardware Rendering" mode and then one of the available render options. Usually there are two of them: "DirectX" and "OpenGL". Which one performs better for you depends on your computer's videocard. We strongly advise trying and testing both them and choosing the better in terms of speed and viewing quality.
   2) An important preference of modern VRML-clients is the "Antialiasing" mode, which enables smoothing the images. This means better quality but less speed.
   3) Once again it is very important to consider that the above mentioned VRML-clients are very different to one another: different ways of showing the same 3D scene, different options for managing and navigation ... . So if you are not satisfied with one, simply try the other. It will probably be more suitable for you.

Hardware requirements

Any modern computer with 3D accelerator works well with the INT3D Editor.
We advise not having less than 128 Mb RAM.

For "viewing only" purposes it is possible use weak computers as well.
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