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Control panels functions
Main control panels: 
All the INT3D-Editor command keys have instructions about their use: move the mouse over them and you will find this information on the information bar (bottom of the screen).

Panel 1 I. Panel including the list of the added elements used for building the scene and the main keys for editing it. It is visible in both "Build" and "List" modes.

   "List" (/"Build") - switch "Build"/"List" modes;
   "Tour" - switch to "Tour" mode - for walking in the Scene
             (for returning - press "PageDown" on keyboard);
   "Hide" - hides/reveals the chosen model from the Scene;
   "Copy" - adds new model-copy choice to the Scene;
   "Del" - deletes the chosen model from the Scene;
   "Info" - opens the information page about the model chosen from the Scene;
   "Help" - opens the INT3D Editor's help page;
   "Save" - saves the Scene to file;
   "Adjust" - switches the "adjust" function on/off for setting the scale of the control panels;
   "None" - hides all models in the scene (shows None);
   "All" - reveals all models in the scene (shows All);
   "Inv" - Inverts hidden mode for objects.

Note: "Del", "None", "All" and "Inv" commands do not affect the "1.Camera": element's use of its "Hide" command.

Panel 2 II. Panel for controlling the ways of viewing the overall scene in "Build" mode.

   "Move 3D scene" - moves the overall Scene in the screen's plane;
   "Scale 3D scene" - changes the overall scale (only for "Build" mode);
   "Rotate 3D scene" - rotates the Scene and sets the Free view mode;

   "Front" - sets the Front view mode;
   "Top" - sets the Top view mode;

Note: To use "Move", "Scale" and "Rotate" keys - press the left mouse key and drag (touch&drag).

Panel 3 III. Panel for setting position and properties of a selected object in the "Build" mode.


   "Move object - fast" - moves a selected object fast on the horizontal plane;
   "Move object - precisely" - moves a selected object slowly and precisely on the horizontal plane;
   "Up-Down" - moves a selected object along the vertical axis;
   "Rotate" - rotates a selected object about the vertical axis - smoothly;
   "Rotate by 15░" - rotates a selected object about the vertical axis by fixed 15░ angles;

   "Object" - shows/hides the VI,VII,VIII control panels with the properties and parameters of the selected object;
   "Find" - activates (on/off) the "select object" function: selects an object from the scene by touching (click mouse) it directly on the Scene (work only in the "Build" mode);
   "Light" - shows/hides the IX control panel for global lights setting;
   "Reset" - resets position and orientation of the selected model to co-ordinate (0,0,0), and reveals hidden model;
   "Linear" - shows/hides the movement marker - it is possible to move an object by touching & dragging this marker;
   "Angular" - - shows/hides the rotation marker - it is possible to rotate an object by touching & dragging this marker;
   "Touch&Set" - activates (on/off) the "Touch and Set object position" function: in this mode it is possible to set a model's position by simply touching any point of any surface in the scene;
   "SnapTo" - activates the "Snap to" function for moving and rotating objects better in the "Linear" and "Angular" modes (works only if the "Linear" or "Angular" key is activated);
   "inTour" - activates the "show in Tour mode" function, with which the "Linear" and "Angular" markers are also visible in "Tour"(Walking) mode - moving and rotating an object along its related markers it is also possible in "Tour" mode if the "Linear" or "Angular" keys are activated;
   "Normal" - pressing this key after "Touch & Set" activates the "Set the object perpendicularly" function for placing the object perpendicularly to the touched surface (works only if "Touch & Set" key is active);

Panel 4 IV. The objects catalogue (library) Panel. It shows models, objects and elements (available for adding to the scene).

There are 4 main panel sections:
   1 - "Base"-"Furniture" switches;
   2 - Group of objects (Primitives, LocalLights, Chairs, Sofas ...);
   3 - Objects (Box, Round Window, Armchair "Steel", Kitchen "Lora" ...);
   4 - Object Variants (a, b, c, d ...);

It is visible only in the "List" mode.

Panel 5 V. Panel for changing scale and viewpoint of the chosen model in "List" mode and for adding it into the scene.

   "Move object" - moves the previewed model in the screen's plane;
   "Scale object" - zooms the previewed model on/off;
   "Rotate object" - rotates the previewed model;

   "Mode" - shows/hides the I,IV control panels for best model previewing;
   "Rotate" - starts/stops continuous rotation of the previewed model;
   "View" - hides/reveals the previewed model;
   "Add" - adds the previewed model to the Scene;
   "Preset" - shows/hides the VI,VII,VIII control panels with previewed model properties;
   "Info" - opens the information page about a previewed model;

Panel 6 VI. Panel for setting numerical data.
For Cortona or Contact vrml-viewers (but not for CosmoPlayer) it is possible use the keyboard for duplicating some commands of this panel.

   "0 - 9" - set numerical values (use keyboard keys '0'-'9');
   "+/-" - change the number sign (use keyboard keys: '\' or grey '/');
   "<=" - shift input position to the left (use keyboard key 'Left arrow');
   "=>" - shift input position to the right (use keyboard key 'Right arrow');
   "+1" - add (increment) 1 to value (use keyboard key '+');
   "-1" - subtract (decrement) 1 from value (use keyboard key '-');
   "Obj" - switches the VII Properties panel on/off;
   "Pos" - switches the VIII Co-ordinates panel on/off;

Panel 7 VII. Panel for setting the properties and materials of the selected object.

Next there are the main panel sections:
Name String - the Object's Name is displayed at the top of the panel.
Digital String - for setting the numerical values of the Object's properties:
   "<N>" - special sensor for setting values smoothly: touch & drag this key to the right or left to increase or decrease values smoothly ('N' is the number of the Object's properties: <1>,<2>...);
   "000.000" - 6-digits indicator for inputting data from numerical panel VI; it is possible to set the input position by clicking on the digit key;
   "Up arrow" and "Down arrow" - keys for "Page Up" and "Page Down" - needed if the Object has more than 10 parameter lines;
Properties Board - displays the Object's properties: Number, Description, Value: after selecting the related line it is possible to change each of the object's properties parameters by setting the new values on the 6-digits indicator (it is also possible to use the 'Up' and 'Down' keyboard keys).
Materials String - at the bottom of the panel, displays the available possibilities for changing different materials for different parts of a selected Object.
Buttons "m1"-"m8" are used for setting colours, materials and textures: by clicking each of them it is possible to open the "Materials Panel X;. By placing the mouse cursor over any material keys, information about these materials will be displayed in the information string.

Panel 8 VIII. Panel for setting the co-ordinates and angles of the selected object.

Position Section -  for setting co-ordinates concerning the X, Y, Z axes (in metres).
Orientation Section -  for setting the degree of rotation of the X, Y, Z axes (rX, rY axes, rZ).
   Keys "<X>","<Y>","<Z>",<rX>","<rY>","<rZ>" - special sensors for smoothly setting values: touch & drag these keys to the right or left to increase or decrease values smoothly.
   Keys "000.000" - 6-digits indicators for inputting data from numerical panel VI. After selecting the related line it is possible to change each parameter of the object's position/orientation by setting the new values on the 6-digits indicators.
For Cortona and Contact vrml-viewers it is possible to use keyboard keys:
"Up" and "Down" for parameter selection;
"Left" and "Right" for inputting digit selection.
Also use "Space" keyboard key also for switch panels VII and VIII for inputting data from panel VI.
   "Copy" - copies current co-ordinate and angle to memory;
   "Paste" - pastes saved co-ordinate and angle from memory;
   ">0<" - resets co-ordinate and angle to 0.000.

Panel 9 IX. Panel for setting the Scene with Global Lights.

It is possible to set properties in the Scene for 5 Global Light sources (DirectionalLight):
   Button "On/Off" - switches on/off light source;
   Slider "Intensity" - sets light source intensity (from 0 to 1);
   Spherical sensor "Direction" - for setting light source direction: touch & drag to set the required angle. We recommend using the Front view mode (panel II) for this action.

Panel 10 X. Panel for setting textures and materials parameters.

This panel has two modes for setting textures and materials: to choose between these modes, use the "Material/texture" key.

Keys present in both modes:
   "<=" - previous object material;
   "=>" - next object material;
   "m1"-"m8" - number of materials relating to different parts of the same object; by placing the mouse cursor over any material keys, information about such material will be displayed in the information string;
   "Copy" - copies current material and texture settings to memory;
   "Paste" - pastes saved material and texture settings from memory;
   "Material/texture" - for passing from Texture mode to Material mode and vice versa;
   "Ok" - for closing this panel when work with materials is finished.

Controls of texture settings:
   "List of textures groups" - it is possible to choose a texture group by pressing one of the keys with the group's name.
   "Up arrow" and "Down arrow" - keys for "Page Up" and "Page Down" in the List of textures groups;
   "***None***" - button for removing any textures from the material.
   "Rot" - slider for setting texture angle rotation smoothly (0-360░). It can also be used as a key for setting fixed angles (0░,15░,30░,45░ ...). Such parameters may be blocked for some models.
   "Scl" - slider for set scale of texture, button - for set scale 1:1 (or 1:2 for furniture);
   "Little black circle" - marker between "Rot" and "Scl" sliders: touch&drag - set offset of texture;
   "1/1" - information button: first digit - current number of textures page, second digit - total number of textures pages in this textures group.
   "Left arrow" and "Right arrow" - buttons for switch textures pages;
   "Textures Examples" - press one of these buttons for set texture to material. For some materials of models it's impossible set any texture.

Material setting controls:
   "R G B" or "H S V" - keys for switching "RGB" and "HSV" colour composition modes:
"RGB" - Red, Green and Blue settings, "HSV" - Hue, Saturation and Value settings.
   Little gray key "<" - touch &drag to enlarge panel with material controls - useful for setting colours precisely.
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