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INT3D-editor version 2.0 - overview

INT3D-editor is an on-line visual 3D editor.

The Editor enables the creation of professional-quality 3D scenes.
These scenes, saved to standard 3D format - VRML, have extremely small files, ideal for publishing on Internet. It is also possible to view 3D scenes in off-line mode.

To understand the potentiality of the Editor best, see the examples shown in our gallery.

The INT3D-editor allows:
  • Adding new objects to the scene from an apposite library and removing those not needed;
  • Interactively setting the position and orientation of each object in the scene;
  • Modifying the properties of the objects:dimensions and other parameters;
  • Editing the materials: colours, brilliance, transparency;
  • Setting textures: kind, scale, rotation, offset;
  • Importing external 3D objects (vrml-format) and images (jpg, gif, png) into the scene;
  • Inserting anchors (links) into the scene for connection from your 3D scenes to HTML pages or any kind of other web resources (other 3D scenes included);
  • Receiving information about each model and element of the scene.
The INT3D Editor is very simple to use and completely free for non-commercial uses.
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