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How the INT3D System works:
General information

The INT3D-Editor is a software which uses Java Script and VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) and to make it work it is necessary to install a vrml-viewer/vrml-client on your computer (download free from internet).
The Editor works through an Internet browser window; it is a client-side web application and for good performances it needs a modern computer, better with a 3D accelerator.

It enables creating 3D scenes and saving them on your computer as vrml files.
These kinds of files have the usual text format (as for HTML), but they are saved with a .wrl extension.

The INT3D-Editor enables saving created scenes in two different formats:
  • "Internal format" - Scenes in this format can be reloaded and re-edited in the future;
  • "External format" - Scenes in this format are ready for viewing or publishing on a web site, but they cannot be further edited (like all normal vrml files).
To edit saved in an internal format scene it is enough to start the INT3D-Editor (from our site) by beginning and running the saved .wrl file from your computer. The scene is recreated on the basis of the saved in that information file and ready for re-editing. The saved information will not be transmitted on internet, but locally elaborated on your own computer. What is transmitted through internet on our site are only the requests for loading the files concerning those used in the models and textures of that scene.

The saved in external format scenes are normal vrml files and they can be viewed simply by starting and running them. To view the scenes offline or autonomously publishing* them on a one's own web site it is necessary to download the "INT3D library of models and textures" from our site in the directory containing the scene file (after un-zip the Library's archive). Otherwise the scenes can be viewed through an internet connection to the same INT3D library placed on our site.

* In order to publish INT3D content on a Web site, you must execute a Broadcast and Use License Agreement with Pharus di Giovanni Dragone No publishing is allowed without such agreement.
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