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Working with a 3D-scene file

Viewing 3D-scene

To edit a 3D-scene saved as an internal INT3D format - simply run the scene file.

To view a 3D-scene saved as an external INT3D format - simply run the scene file. For offline viewing the 3D-scenes it is necessary to download the "INT3D library of models and textures" from our site and put it into the directory containing the scene file.

Manual text editing of a 3D-scene file

As in all VRML files, created INT3D scenes have a text format (as for HTML). Such files can be edited as normal texts.
You are allowed to edit only the saved 3D scene files, but you do not have the right to edit the other files of the INT3D System. Such files cannot be modified in any way.
The possibility of manual editing 3D scenes can greatly facilitate modelling, but you need to know the VRML language.

Nevertheless in some cases you can take advantage by manually editing the saved file even if you are not an expert in VRML. By following our advice:
Any text or address concerning "TextBased" elements can be easily modified by simply finding the line concerning the element's number on the scene (field "N") in the saved file and replacing the data in the "Text field" with the new one. In this way you can, for example, change the URL-address used for adding external 3D objects or images quickly.

Prepare for Internet publishing

Before publishing 3D scenes on your own site you should:

   1) Compress the scene file as a gzip-archive (normal Zip or WinZip do not work): for more information we advise opening the official gzip site.
OS Windows Users can try the free and simple Win-GZ.
Some popular compression software enable the compression of the files in this format (but do not confuse the gzip-format with the usual zip-format).

   2) Put the folder with our "library of textures and models" into the same directory as the scene files.
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