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VILLA SAVOYE - Le Corbusier (1931). Built by one of the greatestest Architect of the XX century, such building is considered one of the most important example in the modern architecture's history.
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(135 kB)
The INT3D technology, based on the VRML, enabled us to realize the villa's 3D model in about 135 kb. Such short size gives internet users the possibility to visit the villa through a virtual reality's experience, interacting with it directly online.
Fragment 1 Fragment 2 Fragment 3
Fragment 4 Fragment 5 Fragment 6
Fragment 7 Fragment 8 Fragment 9
3D viewing requires a vrml-viewer (avaliable for free downloading). We advice "Contact" (Blaxxun) or "Cortona " (Parallelgraphic). See about them on vrml-viewer page. Best viewing with Internet Explorer on modern computers with 3D accellerator and RAM of not less than 256 MB. INT3D allows the use of 3D stereo-glasses (3D stereographic visualisation)

Walk through the scene by simply clicking on the left button of the mouse, freely choosing your favourite direction. If you want to change the navigation's modes it is enough to click on the right button of the mouse and set new ways of moving (walk, fly, examine, slide ..) or speedness. By pushing on "page down" from the keyboard you can change in sequence some different viewpoints into the scene or start the continuos rotating of the whole scene or start a guided tour (the camera follows a fixed route ). We advice to view the scene in "full screen" mode (F11 on the keyboard).

VILLA SAVOYE on Google Earth (on line satellite imagery): the famous Villa by Le Corbusier is located in France, exactly here

3D scene in VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) made with "Pharus 3D Builder" by Arch. Gianni Dragone - Pesaro, Italy.
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