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Flat 3D - Typology of flat created and furnished with INT3D System for an interactive online walking in real time.
Flat 3D (Click here to enter)
Innovative example of presentation in virtual reality of apartments under construction, with relative proposal of furnishing. Effective in the sales department of a building contractors.
Fragment 1 Fragment 2 Fragment 3
Fragment 4 Fragment 5 Fragment 6
Fragment 7 Fragment 8 Fragment 9
3D viewing requires a vrml-viewer (avaliable for free downloading). We advice "Contact" (Blaxxun) or "Cortona" (Parallelgraphic). See about them on vrml-viewer page. Best viewing with Internet Explorer on modern computers with 3D accellerator and RAM of not less than 256 MB. INT3D allows the use of 3D stereo-glasses (3D stereographic visualisation)
Walk through the scene by simply clicking on the left button of the mouse, freely choosing your favourite direction and speedness (you can also use the directional arrows on the keyboard).Click on the right button of the mouse for navigation setting. Possibility to hide the furniture from the scene. Possibility to visualize the linear measures. Possibility to open shutters and drawers (click and drag the handles). We advice to use "page down" on the keyboard to get many different viewpoints.

3D scene in VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) made with "Pharus 3D Builder."
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