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Element Two-leaved door
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Two-leaved door
  Its modifiable parameters enable the creation of a wide range of solutions.
It is possible to set:
  - width, height and thickness of the whole door;
  - width and thickness of the fixed frame;
  - width and thickness of the movable frame plank (vertically and horizontally);
  - visibility or invisibility of the intermediate horizontal plank;
  - hinge position (right or left);
  - opening angle for each of the leafs;
  - maximum opening angle;
  - radius auto-opening zone: allows the automatic opening of the door when the camera goes near it;
  - colour and texture of the frames (M1);
  - colour and texture of the internal panel (the set one is glass) (M2);
  - colour (but not texture) of the handle (M3).
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