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Spiral Stairs
  Linear Stairs is an element used for creation different circular staircases.
It has the following parameters:
"1.Inner Radius,(m)" - inner radius of spiral in the start (metres).
"2.Height,(m)" - height of the staircase (metres).
"3.Width,(m)" - width of a step (metres).
"4.Number of turns:" - number of spiral turns (full-screw): it's possible set non-integer values too.
"5.Quantity of stairs(1-50)" - quantity of stairs (integer).
"6.Step base(m)" - inner depth of a step (metres).
"7.Step height(m)" - height of a step (metres).
"8.Step angle(deg)" - angle of a trapezoid step (degrees).
"9.Ratio of Radius" - ratio of radius: start-radius to end-radius of the spiral (if the parameter is equal "1" the spiral has constant radius).

Range of use: circular stairs, radial structures.
Example 3D scene Example 3D scene:
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