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  Overview (element of navigation) allows to set the point of view which move in a circle with constant speed. Thus two variants are possible:
1) rotate camera around point (overview object).
2) rotate camera from point (overview internal scene).

As well as all elements from the group "Navigation" - the Overview occurs only at viewing a scene in the external-format.
At editing this element is seen only when it is chosen.

It has the following parameters:
"1.Default (on-1/off-0)" - to set this Overview as default at loading a scene for viewing.
"2.Field of View,(deg)" - angle of view (degrees).
"3.Radius,(m)" - the radius of a circle of moving (metres).
"4.Period of turn,(sec)" - time of a full revolution of the camera (seconds).
"5.Rotation (0-right/1-left)" - a direction of rotation: left or right.
"6.Camera rY,(deg)" - angle of camera turn about a vertical axis.
"7.Camera rZ,(deg)" - angle of camera turn about a horizontal axis.
"8.Type of navigation(0-3)" - type of navigation: 0 - None (moving is impossible), 1 - Walk, 2-Examine, 3-Fly.
"9.Head light,(1-On/0-Off)" - directional light that always points in the direction the user is looking.

Example 3D scene Example 3D scene:
(requires a vrml-viewer)

view 3D scene
edit 3D scene
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