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  ViewPoint (element of navigation) allows to add to scenes additional viewpoints with own names. Transition between these points at the viewing scene is possible by pressing "Page Up" and "Page Down" buttons on the keyboard and also with the help of the special menu (at vrml-client) in which it is possible to choose a point for viewing.

The most simple way for inserting necessary ViewPoint is next: in the mode "Tour" set necessary positions of viewing, proceed to the mode "Build" and copy the Camera, than new element ViewPoint will be added coincide with position of the Camera.

It is recommended to put ViewPoints to the most interesting and important places of a stage.
As well as all elements from the group "Navigation" - the ViewPoint occurs only at viewing a scene in the external-format.
At editing this element is seen only when it is chosen.

It has the following parameters:
"1.Default (on-1/off-0)" - to set this ViewPoint as default at loading a scene for viewing.
"2.Field of View,(deg)" - angle of view (degrees).
"3.Type of navigation(0-3)" - type of navigation: 0 - None (moving is impossible), 1 - Walk, 2-Examine, 3-Fly.
"4.Height above the terrain,(m)" - height above the terrain (metres).
"5.Head light,(1-On/0-Off)" - directional light that always points in the direction the user is looking.

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