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Element Anchor
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(requires a vrml-viewer)
  With this element it is possible to insert one or more variable shaped objects into the scene which, if clicked, activate a link to other web pages (web sites or any possible kind of web pages , other INT3D-scenes included).
Select "List" > "Base" > "Text Based" > "Anchor". A virtual keyboard will appear on the screen; type (by simply clicking with the mouse on its keys) the address of the page that you want to link to, click "OK" and then "Add".
These elements (as many as you want) can be easily dimensioned and positioned into the scene: select it and then click "OBJECT" (panel III in "BUILD" regime) or "PRESET" (panel V in "LIST" regime). Panel VII (object properties) will appear on the screen and with it you will be able to set the new parameters (putting numerical values using panel VI). Using the "Transparency" function they will be invisible in the scene.

The adress related to the Anchor-object (html-page, 3D-model, image ...) can be set in two ways:
1) entirely, writing the complete route to the object, f.e.:
   http://www.mysite.com/mypage.html - when the file is placed on the site,    C:\myscenes\mymodel.wrl - when the file is placed on the local computer. 2) writing only the file's name; in this case the file is searched in the same directory (on site or hard disk) where the scene's file is placed, f.e.:

With the Cortona vrml-viewer it is possible to use the "drag&drop" method:
  - drag the the selected link(address) to the INT3D-editor window and drop to the "Drop Zone".
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