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Element Object from URL
View 3D model
(requires a vrml-viewer)
Object from URL
  With this tool it is possible to add easily to a scene:
  - other INT3D-scenes or parts of them. They must have been saved in external format "as part" (see "how to save a scene");
  - 3D objects made with other 3D-Editors and saved as VRML files;
  - any other kind of VRML objects and scenes.

Select "List" > "Base" > "Text Based" > "Object from URL". A virtual keyboard will appear on the screen; type (by simply clicking the mouse on its keys) the route of the files that you want to import into the scene;
for example: C:\myscenes\model.wrl
click "OK" and then "Add".

The adress related to the .wrl-object can be set in two ways:
1) entirely, writing the complete route to the object, f.e.:
   http://www.mysite.com/mymodel.wrl - when the file is placed on the site,    C:\myscenes\mymodel.wrl - when the file is placed on the local computer. 2) writing only the file's name; in this case the file is searched in the same directory (on site or hard disk) where the scene's file is placed, f.e.:

With the Cortona vrml-viewer it is possible to use the "drag&drop" method:
  - drag the selected vrml-file link(address) to the INT3D-editor window and drop to the "Drop Zone".
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