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(requires a vrml-viewer)
  Tool which enables obtaining prismatic objects with any kind of edge (including a curved edge, setting the curve point by point). Very useful, for example, in creating walls or ceiling with particularly irregular edges or with irregular kinds of holes (apertures), or creating a flight of stairs, or walls/elements with variable thicknesses along one of the three dimensions (height, width,length).
After selecting "List" > "Base" > "Drawing" > "Prism", we advice adding it directly to the scene (clicking on "ADD") and pressing "page down" (from the keyboard) to hide all the control panels (not necessary in this phase) from the scene.

Drawing menu: Prism element Two axes (horizontal and vertical) will appear on the screen. Where they cross forms a slider (cursor) with which, moving the mouse, it is possible to draw the edge of the object. The third dimension will be set later.
Appearing on the small panel of the screen are the following functions:
  - the directional keys, for moving and zooming the drawing on the screen;
  - the snap, very useful in setting the dimensions (100 cm, 50 cm, 10 cm, 5 cm, 1 cm);
  - the three modes which enable drawing the object (DRAW), modifying it (DRAG) or moving the cursor onto a selected point (POINT);
  - "UNDO", for annulling the last input;
  - "DIM", for making dimensions visible or invisible on the screen;
  - "3D" key, which enables seeing the object in 3D mode in the 3D scene , returning to the previous regime ("list", "build" or "tour").

After drawing the object, it can be easily modified in "Build" regime with "OBJECT" (panel III). It is possible :
  - to set its position in the scene;
  - to set its angle in comparison to the three axes X, Y, Z;
  - to set the height or thickness;
  - to modify the overall scale;
  - to apply three kinds of textures: one for each of the two parallel faces (top and bottom) and the third for all the other faces;
  - to go back to the "DRAWING" mode, through "Switch 3D Panel" ( writing "1"), if you need to change something.

Range of use: prismatic objects with complex shapes.
Example 3D scene Example 3D scene:
(requires a vrml-viewer)

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